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What are MollyMats?

MollyMats is a line of coordinating, stylishly patterned and beautifully colored matboards to display your photos and art like never before.  They come in 17 colors, 12 patterns, and 17 different size options allowing for endless design possibilities. They are produced by a patent-pending process, are acid free, and ph buffered to protect your photos and art.

How do MollyMats work?

Simply choose your MollyMats size(s), color(s), pattern(s) and quantity from our ‘Build Your MollyMats‘ page. You can go to our inspiration tab to see pattern collections, gallery layouts and even a buying guide to help you choose, or you can get as creative as you want on your own. You can also frame your MollyMats on our site!

Do I have to frame MollyMats?

We suggest that you do frame MollyMats for the best protection of your photos, art, and the mats, but if you have other creative ideas in mind, go for it! We’d love to see photos of how you used MollyMats. Feel free to email them to us, or upload them to our Customer Gallery.

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