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A stroke of inspiration hit Molly when she was trying to find a fun way to bring the red of her couch to the other side of her family room.

Ah! I’ll frame the prints on the wall with red mats! Hmmm. No – too boring. What about red and white stripes? Yes! So she went on the search for red and white striped matboards. No luck- anywhere. She decide to make her own, and loved the result! Then her wheels started spinning. She couldn’t believe no one made striped matboards, and what about other patterns and fun colors? They just weren’t out there.

Her mind exploded with the possibilities of what a professionally- produced line of patterned matboards would mean to the framing and interior design industries, not to mention the excitement for people decorating their homes.

It was a totally innovative and fresh idea that Molly knew she had to pursue…. and MollyMats was born. She knew exactly who to turn to for this endeavor. None other than one of her best friends since the age of 14, Sarah. With Sarah’s expertise in graphic design and Molly’s endless love for interior decorating, they knew they could find a way to turn this idea into a reality. And so the adventure began!

They set out to create a high quality, professional, and tasteful line of matboards that would be accepted and enthusiastically embraced by framers, designers and customers alike.

No China-made, no pieces of paper glued to boards – it had to be the real deal, made right here in the USA. They were certain to adhere to the established standards of traditional matboard companies to ensure the protection of art prints and photographs.


MollyMats are produced on acid-free, ph buffered, and premium white core matboards. Not to mention they are gorgeous, fresh, and fun! (if we do say so ourselves)

It has been a long road, as life sometimes gets in the way of your dreams, but with perseverance, we did it! So here we are. We hope you enjoy MollyMats as much as we do!

Molly & Sarah

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